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Books Tips for the Great White North
August 17, 2012 - Much North American heritage relates to Canada and its backwoods history. The voyageurs hugely influenced the development of the Continent. Well, their influence has spread onward all the way to today, in rather a direct fashion. There are a nice passle of books out there that outline this connection and help give us a more solid ...  > Read Article

Port Huron Re-Enactor Fest: Pics & Report
May 31, 2010 - We visited the "Feast of Ste. Claire" Re-enactor Encampment yesterday, Sunday. It's near downtown Port Huron right on the gorgeous blue St. Clair River. (Guys were fishing along it under sun umbrellas -- one guy had 3 big walleye. I wanted to dive in for a swim. So blue!) This is a fest for the 1740-1840 period, basically. It's th...  > Read Article

Grandville: Where my Gramma Lived and Dad Grew Up
May 27, 2010 - Here are a couple pics of old-time locations for my family. My gramma lived her last few decades in this little house on Burton in Grandville, MI, near Grand Rapids, a mile up the hill from the big Grand River. I stayed a few days and overnights with her there. I think that dozens of the grandkids did. But one at a time. There's a...  > Read Article

Huge Re-enactor Camp: Port Huron, Memorial Weekend
May 21, 2010 - Memorial Day weekend is the 30th annual "Feast of Ste. Claire" -- a Revolutionary-era re-enactor encampment in Port Huron. 600 buffs in 100 camps show off Indian, French, British and US lifestyles of the 1750-1840 period. It's a BIG deal, if you like seeing the old stuff brought to life. We're going for the 1st time. (Warning: plinky...  > Read Article | Go to Website

The Migration Scrolls of the Ojibwa...and More
January 27, 2010 - A Wiigwaasabak is a birch scroll that the Ojibwa medicine men, the Midewiwin, use in ceremonies. They use geometric diagrams to explain many complex things and have been handed down for generations. A couple are in the Smithsonian. ( The Anishinaabe people are involved in this, too -- ...  > Read Article

The Codex Canadensis: groovy art from 1700...
January 27, 2010 - A missionary named Louis Nicolas lived awhile in Canada then in 1700 he supposedly made a book of sketches. At any rate, they're a Canadian national treasure. Scans of his work are online at the following link, where you can also read more about his interesting and mysterious life: Read Article

Jackson's Civil War Muster: Biggest, Oldest in Midwest
September 09, 2009 - Every late August, Jackson, Michigan, hosts the Midwest's biggest, oldest Civil War reenactment muster. It's a weekend of history-based activities for all ages and families: battles, camp life, heritage mess-halls and even a dance ball. And it's free to the public. We went for the first time last week. It was neat to see so ...  > Read Article

My 5th Grade Field Trip to the Henry Ford Museum
May 20, 2009 - Last week I helped chaperone Henry's 5th grade two-day field trip to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. We had a great time. There were 41 kids, 17 parents, 2 teachers and a student teacher. An easy ratio. Parents like these places, too. Although when the deadline was approaching there weren't many parents and an emerg...  > Read Article

Attack on Michilimackinac: action packed!
August 20, 2008 - I've really enjoyed exploring Indian heritage the past few years. I could hop right to the punchline for this book, but really there's a lot of background here, so first things first... I've had a strong connection to the Straits area of Michigan for decades, mostly via the backways. A couple years ago I finally went in thr...
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Indian Heritage: great outfits, cool people, scary folkways...
September 25, 2005 - I've really enjoyed exploring Indian heritage the past few years. I could hop right to the punchline here and tell you about several great, punchy, essential, straightshooting books I've discovered about N.A. heritage (and fashion), but really there's a lot of background here, so first things first... I first encountered...  > Read Article