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"Who Was That Guy?" Fun at a Crit! (What happens will shock you!)
July 24, 2016 - Our local team hosted a city center crit yesterday. I went and volunteered and have to say I was pretty bored. Zero spectators or promotion for this full day of racing around the Capitol. (Organizers short-staffed of course, but also PR is just not a priority.) I marshalled a far corner by myself for hours. Just me, a quarter mile o...  > Read Article

Bike Canoe Trailer: It's a Cinch!
July 06, 2016 - (BUMP FROM May, 31, 2009.) I've long wanted to create a simple trailer for towing a canoe behind a bike. A lot of times when I'm biking and I come across some tasty water I suddenly want to get paddling---especially when the waterway is going my way or when it's a shorter way to go my way. To me, the two joys fit together...  > Read Article

Social Rides & Bike Helmets
May 01, 2016 - The helmet thing keeps popping up in the bike party scene. ...In a minor way, but still. Should people wear a helmet on a bike party ride? ...If they want to. Should they comment to others about this? No. There actually isn't much of a "helmet war" left in the bike party, social riding scene, thankfully. But it does pop up oc...  > Read Article

Fatbikes on Ski Trails: Grooming Needed
March 13, 2016 - Snowbikes are the big new thing. They're now popular in winter around here. I'm guessing they're more popular in places with marginal snow conditions. When it's nasty they can still be fun while skiing might not be possible. When it's icy, they can keep rolling -- altho big studs on a regular mtbike seem to bite better than commerc...  > Read Article

How to Really Do Spring Break... a Mystery Bike Tour
March 11, 2016 - Here's a story that's chock full of "life firsts" for me. It's about the only Spring Break I ever went on. I hope a lot of other people can have just as good of getaways. It's not a how-to but there are hints in there. Some might say a few cautions, too. It's not rocket science and doesn't have to cost much. First rule: get off the...  > Read Article

Cute Bike Rides: Rambleneur, Errandonee...
October 19, 2015 - Here's a cute blog that introduced me to a few cool new kinds of biking. Of course, they're kinds of biking that thousands of us freaks have long been doing but it's fun giving them names. Or just having fun with names. It's written by a woman. Always fun to discover more bike party women! I saw my first cute bike ride term...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Bike Parties: Biking for the Fun People!
June 13, 2015 - Bike Party -- a new way to make friends and explore a city by Jeff Potter (photo by R. Frith) More people are biking nowadays, and they're having more fun at it. Lansing is joining in. The focus point for the most bike fun in our city these days is the Lansing Bike Party (LBP), a loose-knit group that meets Fridays then he...  > Read Article

Lansing Bike Party: Spring Fling & More ... Much More!
October 24, 2014 - (BUMP FROM MAY) Yesterday's "Lansing Bike Party" ride had more going on than you could shake a stick at. More layers than a cake! It had everything I love about bike socializing. What I love, in a nutshell, is how bikes help us connect so many things together. It's almost boggling. It goes way beyond the bike. As one thing leads ...  > Read Article

Lansing Bike Party 2014: Stepping Up!
April 28, 2014 - This season will see an even more supercharged Lansing Bike Party rockin' the streets. Ya know, of course, that Party Rides are sweeping the nation and changing and uplifting our cities, right? They are! Detroit and Grand Rapids are sporting BIG free fun rides. Lansing is next! So, lots of changes, news and additions... ...  > Read Article

HellKaat Hundie! --A New Bike Epic for Michigan
April 06, 2014 - Dudes on the west side have just announced a 100-mile gravel grinder... Down below is what they have so far. ( I've long thought that MI needs an Epic. Sure, the Lumberjack 100 is also an epic, but but... it goes 'round and 'round one trail system. A true epic Goe...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Season Opener: Detroit's Slow Roll & Nor-Am Bike Expo
March 31, 2014 - The season opener is NOT all about baseball. I like bikes so the season opener is when it's warm enough for me to go out riding free as a jaybird. A posse of four of us folding bike riders piled into a small vehicle (bikes folded) and drove from Lansing to Detroit last Sunday for the season's first Slow Roll. It's usually hel...  > Read Article

Roadbike does Cyclocross! --Fun!
October 07, 2013 - Two pics from after my rain-ride yesterday on my yard trail. Rain for CX is like snow for XC... Too bad I'd hosed off the bike before taking the pics. Bikes are even prettier when they're muddy -- just like more snow makes skiing look more gooder. Yeah, I'm kinda psyched about my sweet ride. --19 lbs! I like it that it has a b...  > Read Article

The Bike Shop Show: for Michigan CX Fun!
September 30, 2013 - Michigan has quite the fun CX scene. Does everywhere? Well, to capture this fun, these two guys run a Podcast. They report on races and cool stuff. They even went out to Cross Vegas last week! What a great way to keep up on our local action during your morning commute. Or while you're riveting bike luggage in your workshop... (...  > Read Article

How We Roll in Lansing: the Urban Bike Party
September 20, 2013 - [photos by Tim Potter] [Bump from July 13, 2013] A report of last night's ride... Wow, what a night! What a great ride! 10 of us met up at the new Museum to ride the Urban CX Courses of Lansing. I'd never been to one of them. Both are shuttered city parks up for sale as boondoggles. (Does a half-empty town need more c...  > Read Article

Lansing Bike Party ... What It's About
September 19, 2013 - [bump from 6/8] It's a Bike Party! We mostly organize it on Facebook, but not everyone is "on" that, so here's a regular web overview. We're creating public/social space in Lansing! We go on fun group rides here'n'there around Lansing. You can suggest something! Announce a ride! (It's *your* scene and this is a home-base...  > Read Article

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