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Thanks, NPR, for covering OYB & Roadkill! ...Twice!
March 18, 2015 - It was fun chatting live with the Northern Minnesota NPR radio people about roadkill. I got to relate a few of the basics. You want to check that the deer is fresh and not damaged. You don't want to overcook the meat. 130F is the sweetspot. And it doesn't need anything to cover the taste. Less is more. Bearnaise or Hollandaise m...  > Read Article

Review: Woody's Dutch Oven -- light, compact
November 21, 2014 - Dutch ovens are huge, heavy, cumbersome cooking tools that people love and have in their families for generations. How do they fit in with canoeing and backpacking? ...Not very well. They weigh 15 pounds! They're round and take up a lot of space. Well, outdoor guide pal Michael Gray and a friend revived a nifty old Dutch ...  > Read Article

Sourdough Fever: Making Bread, Pancakes & More!
March 15, 2014 - I'm starting to go crazy with sourdough baking. (But the 2 pics I'm showing aren't of my bread or cakes -- I just grabbed them from the webs as sample pics of sourdough action.) I'm thinking that it's super-easy. Like homebrew beer-making. "Relax, don't worry, have a homebrew" -- that's the motto of the classic homebrew beer...  > Read Article

Sour Beer: the New IPA!
October 17, 2013 - The buzz is building for sour beers. I didn't understand it when I first heard some of the fuss a couple years ago, but now I'm catching on. IPA's are cool because they offer a big new element for beer taste: bold hops. The grassy bitterness offsets the malted sweetness and slows you down, boosting both the 'dry' and the astri...  > Read Article

Raspberry Trifle with Sabayon
September 30, 2013 - Whoa, I'm trying to find the recipe(s) I've been using the past few years to make this jawdropping worldclass seasonal dessert and I can't find them! I thought I'd just used one recipe but I might've blended two. You want to find a recipe for Raspberry Trifle with homemade ladyfingers. It'll also have a homemade custard...  > Read Article

Raspberry Time! ...Autumn is the Season for Everbearing Berries
September 30, 2013 - You know I love my berries. Everbearing red raspberries are great for mid-Michigan. They're hardy, with few pests. I'm hard on plants. In fact, the berries are the last plant standing in one of our garden areas! They've taken over the whole thing. Need no planting. So rugged! They're kinda fun to be rough with. I treat em a...  > Read Article

All Hail the Picnic!
August 27, 2013 - I'm a Big Fan of the picnic. You know how with restaurants someone else owns the place and makes the rules? There's waiting and service... And for some of us there's price. Well, going to the Farmer's Market or the store directly for picnic goodies is a great way to go. Is there an outdoor patio at a cool restaurant in town that y...  > Read Article

Autumn Mushrooms: a bold new season
August 18, 2013 - Like many Michiganders I've long been a fan of Morel mushrooms. They're the most confident and easily ID'ed mushroom -- and one of the tastiest -- so that's what most locals pick. Spring is for mushrooms. Well, autumn is a huge mushroom season as well, only the choice species of this time are less well known. Still, I've been s...  > Read Article

Rosie's Diner: Extinct Roadside Attraction
July 09, 2013 - We were driving home from picking up Henry from music camp when we ran right into the tail-end of holiday-goers returning home. The freeway was a parking lot 30 miles north of Grand Rapids. So we peeled off and decided to drive surface roads around the whole region. We didn't have a map in the car, of all things, so I went to a ...  > Read Article

It's the BERRY best time of year!
June 22, 2012 - [Bumped up from '08, '07, '06] The wild "blackcaps" (or blackberries or black raspberries) are presently hanging all over the edges of our whole yard in all their glorious lusciousness. It's that time of year again! I'm bumping this old post up just for grins and as a reminder in case you like 'em, too, and have somehow f...  > Read Article

Persian Breakfast: a Memory of Favorite Food
June 21, 2012 - An Arabic restaurant opened near here recently. I've been a couple times. At the second visit I had to confess that it was my favorite food. Right now, though, I can't think why. So much for memory. I would think that I just had falafel, yogurt, pita, kabob, cucumber, hummus, babganoush, tabbouleh. Now, all that is a great combo, su...  > Read Article

Spring Mushrooms: Need Help ID'ing this One...
May 09, 2012 - OK, I know what kind the one mushroom is, but not the other. Does anyone know what the other one is? : ) And if you do, don't just write "Yes" and be even sillier than me, tell us what it is and if it's tasty. Thanks!  > Read Article

"Hey, I'd Eat This At Home!" -- BEST Camping (and quick at home!) Cooking
March 22, 2012 - [$18 postpaid in USA. (Equals $15 book plus about $3 postage.)] Michael Gray is an outdoor guide who specializes in sea-kayak trips. But I have a suspicion the paddling is just an excuse. What he loves to do is cook. And please people. In tricky situations. The result is great eating and entertainment – both with a “Wow” factor...
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JP's 50th B-day & Halloween Shindig
November 01, 2011 - It started out as a small mtbike ride. (Including 2 MB1s & an MBZip!) With a bonfire, guitars, and potluck. But it grew into a feast with: smoked venison, roasted venison, squirrel stew, grouse, pickled pike, fried green tomatos, two kinds of homebrew from our yard hops, yard raspberry trifle (with double-boiler sabayon ...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Wild Food...
September 22, 2011 - I have a hard time passing up things like... A local old guy who was a major vintner died. Now I see his old overgrown, weedy vines along the road -- chock full of ripe grapes now. Makes me wanna pick 'em SO BAD. They go to waste each year now, I'm pretty sure. I'm the same about roadside apple trees: all those apples, I wa...  > Read Article

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