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Summer Visit to Vintage Lake Michigan
September 18, 2012 - This summer I caught a teensy dose of agoraphobia. Ha, maybe it was more like Ameri-phobia. I couldn't take going to the 4th of July fireworks: couldn't take any more pitbulls, wifebeaters, obesity, tats, boomboxes, or gutteral vocalizings. (Exceptions disclaimer here.) Then I got an invitation to visit pal Dave Jessop's fri...  > Read Article

Great Lakes Waves *Rocked* Last Weekend!
October 18, 2011 - Didja see the big news about the Great Lakes waves last weekend? Oct. 15-16, 2011. They were HUGE. Check out the "wolf map" for the weekend. (I love the map of Lake Superior. It looks like a wicked wolf, don't it? Mischievous.) Notice the 25+ foot waves in the SE corner? Whoa! I would LOVE to see some freighter pics or vids f...  > Read Article

Great Lakes Surfer magazine
October 18, 2011 - Wind and waves = surf. Third coast.  > Read Article | Go to Website

Trip Report: Little Wayfarer Boats Cruise the Chesapeake
September 20, 2010 - A local guy who bikes with the TCBA also is an avid small boat sailor. That's the OYB way! In fact, I know a few other bikers who are also small-boat sailors. And at least two of them are Wayfarer buffs. And they've both sailed the little boats on the big Chesapeake Bay! So, here's a report by mid-Michigander Robert Mosher o...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Saw a Nordica 16 in a Gale
August 08, 2010 - It was blowing hard on Sutton's Bay recently and my pal and I decided not to go out in his O'Day 16 open boat. Other boats had reduced sail or were heading back in. One little daysailor with cuddy caught my eye. It was small but they were sailing with a reef in the main. I'm no boat pro but little boats that reef aren't an eve...  > Read Article

Hugh Heward Canoe Day 2010: lotsa gungho paddlers and exotic boats
May 14, 2010 - The Hugh Heward Canoe Challenge has come and gone so I thought it was high time I posted some pics and info from our day on the water. Local pal Chris McCarus and I paddled the 13-mile option starting at the Charlotte highway bridge. This route featured the Portland State Game Area and finished in downtown Portland like the other ...  > Read Article

The Bushwacker 150 Canoe challenge: coming May 22
May 14, 2010 - It'll be the 3rd running of this nutty event. You start where the Pine River starts, as a bushy creek in the center of the state. Then you try to follow it down a long ways. There a seven mile portage in there somewhere. Don't worry: there are several distance options if you're not up for the whole thing. The event commemorate...  > Read Article | Go to Website

My New "Family Friendly" Canoe Stroke: The Windmill
May 14, 2010 - I don't have any pics or vids yet, but I have to spill the beans. You know how I've launched some fun innovations in XC skiing? Well, I've worked out my own nifty canoe-paddling stroke! It's the family-friendly "windmill." When you're canoeing with extra people in a boat (sitting between the paddlers) you don't want to bonk them ...  > Read Article

AuSable Canoe Marathon: cool opening video
September 02, 2009 - The AuSable Canoe Marathon has a cool opening video sequence these days at its website. It also features the photography of Mark Bialek, a racer friend who is also a pro photojournalist ( There's a lot more video and dramatic photography at the site nowadays Here's footage of the 2008 start,...  > Read Article | Go to Website

"Small Craft Advisor": the (color) magazine of small boats
February 02, 2009 - Man, a full color magazine about small boats. How much better can ya get? Well, there's "Messing About in Boats." But these are two rather different birds. You should be reading both, of course. In the world of small boats, when you're in color, you're mighty swell already. You have a subject that throws itself at you wit...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Autumn Outing...
October 20, 2008 - [Bump from 10/30/07] This fall, on my birthday, I went for a paddle on the Red Cedar a half mile from our house. I used Grampa Craig's old wood'n'canvas canoe. I put a rock in the bow to trim the boat more level. I only sat down and paddled for a few minutes. For the past few years I prefer to stand and use a pole in sh...  > Read Article

How to Swim: twice as fast, twice as easy
August 19, 2008 - How I Learned to Swim, Finally: The Everyday Helpful Lessons of Self-Taught Swimming by Jeff Potter [This is an old OYB story that had a lot of typos. So I cleaned em up and repost it now.] Swimming is one of those things that you can do for years without really knowing how. You can learn to do it without feeling all th...  > Read Article

The Grand River at Portland State Game Area: Wow!
July 28, 2008 - Ingham County in mid-Michigan is where we live. I'm nuts about water and flowing water. Sadly, our county has the least (I think) water in our water-rich state. In our immediate area we have a couple ditch-like creeks and a river. The Red Cedar river is only a half mile from our house. What luck! And, indeed, it is great---every...  > Read Article

Nifty Sailing Kayak
September 17, 2007 - I love a versatile boat. A kayak with a sail option is one such critter. The Triak is a neat new offering along these lines—it has built-in outriggers—that even have lifting foils. This thing is fast and stable. There aren't many truly light, car-toppable boats that you can use to go places on big water. I find the rang...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Learning to Roll...Exciting Part 50 in the Saga...
July 08, 2007 - This past weekend I borrowed my friend Tim's sweet sea kayak and took it to a local lake where we were staying a few days at a friend's cottage and partying for the 4th. Actually, a pal picked it up for me. I didn't even know it was going to be there---I thought our plans hadn't gone through. But when it arrived, my heart jumped. Ya...  > Read Article

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