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Visit to Traverse City Museum & Film Fest
August 07, 2010 - We went to TC for an art fair on the college campus. While mom ran her booth we all went to the museum next door. What a fine one! They have a permanent display of Inuit art and a kid's museum with hands-on fun. The featured exhibit was of the work of Wesley Merritt, a folk artist from Mt. Pleasant, who worked up until the lat...  > Read Article

Visit to Arcadia
August 03, 2010 - Arcadia is a quaint little resort town just south of Frankfort. It's a town but it's almost like a camp. The cottages all seem related. And there is a big old religious-type camp-lodge on the beach next door. The Lutheran church in town was erected in 1829, I think. Something like that. Its bell rings out the hours. We staye...  > Read Article

Go to the Redford Theater for a Great Show!
May 02, 2010 - We loaded up the car and drove to the Redford Theater in Detroit yesterday and watched a $4 matinee of "Singin 'in the Rain" on the glorious big screen. What a theater! It's designed like a Japanese village with lovely faux-depth and a starry night (with clouds and flickering stars overhead). An organist rose up thru the ...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Partying for Literature: the ULA at Detroit's "Dally in the Alley"
September 09, 2008 - As you may know, as part of my effort to promote indy culture, I work with the ULA and publish a line of indy novels that seek to break the boring deathgrip that academia and NYC have on literature. This liberation quest is even tougher than my efforts to keep the outdoor sports people hooked up to their roots. I know that t...  > Read Article

Things Not Here Anymore: A Local PBS Classic Show
October 30, 2007 - Ten years ago the local PBS TV station, WKAR, produced a 2-part documentary called "Things Not Here Anymore" about the city that used to be at the location GPS units call "Lansing"---our small and once-fair capitol. Actually the show was about the whole region and the civilization that once existed here, even as late as the mi...  > Read Article | Go to Website

"A Love Supreme" ...Brought a Town to Life
March 08, 2007 - 30 years ago Robert Busby moved to the abandoned half of Lansing to open a gallery and to get away from people. People followed him anyway and that whole side of the city came back to life, to life bigger than it ever was. He died last week, but just see what an indy spirit can do... Robert wasn't even a pusher for progr...  > Read Article | Go to Website

Conflict: Country Mouse or City Mouse?
September 18, 2006 - We've lived in the country by Okemos and Williamston, in mid-Michigan, for 15 years now. We have one friend who stops by. We can't keep up our yard or even our house. It's not really country, but it is pretty. And our house is more like a cottage. Falling into ruin. We're not handyfolk. We can do a lot, but not that. No har...  > Read Article

West Side Bookshop
September 08, 2005 - West Side Bookshop is a rare oldstyle great bookstore, in Ann Arbor. They have new and old books, but only GOOD ones. Some fancy, others thrifty, as reason dictates, but only GOOD ones. There's no space to waste on bad ones. Jay & Doug have been sponsors of OYB since I started it back in 1991. They've each had their ...  > Read Article

Spring Break Fever!
March 09, 2005 - Jack Saunders lives near old Panama City in the Florida Panhandle---where all the kids are these weeks. But they're missing all the real fun. Poor things. So blind. So exploited. Jack is one of the world's best writers. He also took up the palette awhile back. So he's a folk writer and a folk artist. This is his crab art. Ch...  > Read Article

Fun Fixing up the Detroit Opera House
January 05, 2002 - I'm a cautious, stick-to-my-rut kinda guy, so the wildest thing I did this year was to get off my butt and say Yes when my friend David asked for help in building a stage in a huge, old theatre in downtown Detroit. A bunch of other pals said Yes, too. We showed up and were shown the ambitious things we were to do. Then plunged in...  > Read Article

Heart and Soul in Lansing
January 05, 2002 - Lansing and surroundings is a bland, faceless area almost totally dominated by golfers and insurance salesmen. At least the public face of the area is. You can see their values ruling all. It's a flat area devoid of natural beauty highlights. Its basis is cars, roads, pavement and minimalls. Nothing fancier can be built today...  > Read Article