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From OYB: "Momentum" by Pete Vordenberg, Only $5!
October 29, 2013

$5 (inc. S/H)

[$5 postpaid in the USA] Published by OYB, here's the ONLY book in print about the quixotic world of XC ski racing. Now, get this classic for only $5! ...A *huge* discount off the regular price of $17.95!

This book is special for a few reasons. One, it highlights the JUNIOR years, which no other outdoor sports book does, that I've heard of. Two, Pete is telling stories here. It's not just sports writing. It's good stories. And they're often about other people. Pete knows he stands on shoulders. So it's a wide-ranging buncha stories with a big cast of characters.

Lastly, if you're nuts about sport, you know it's a year-round thing. XC skiers maybe take April off then get roller-skiing, hill-bounding and enjoying everything else outdoors as much as they can. This story tracks that reality better than anything else you'll read. Ski books aren't only for winter anymore.

Here's how the book starts out:

"The trick is to leap out of bed as soon as you are aware of consciousness. Up, into motion, no time for doubt, no questions asked. New day. Game on. Eli Brown taught me that. He wakes up awake. His eyes open and he's swinging legs over the bed, popping out from under the covers. Eli attacks from the gun. Then we are out the door and in the van -- on our way to work on the dream. On our way to training. This is a mission. Every day is a mission." ...

Also available as an eBook! Click on the button below and for $3.95 instantly get a PDF eBook edition! Save trees, oil, time, money, space! (Or you can order the new Kindle edition at Amazon for $10! :) )

A Truly Special Ski Book!

Momentum is "the best XC ski read ever," says Bob Gregg, editor of Master Skier magazine. Nuff said!

GOLD, finally!: In 2007 Kikkan Randall won the first-ever women's World Cup gold medal in XC for the USA! It's the first gold for US XC, in general, since 1983. I've already seen some props going to a special new team spirit. Where did the new vibe come from? Read on...

Author Pete Vordenberg is the retired US Team Head Coach of (not coincidentally) our best team in decades. He is a two-time Olympian and National Champion.

In Momentum he pulls out all the stops and opens up skiing in a way we haven't seen before. Nonskiers love it, too. It shows a life of chasing a near-impossible dream...without excuses. Why bother trying to do something as futile as win Olympic gold in XC? No American has done it yet. Read the book and see!

Momentum gives you the only look at what life is like inside the scrappy do-it-all US ski team. It's the only XC culture book out there, in fact, and it's a great read!

Momentum has ten reviews, all 5-star, at Amazon and at one point hit 400th *overall* in sales.

Pete is a popular writer in the XC ski scene. He also honchos a main US team website, And he even takes amazing racing and art-of-skiing photos.

A Few Chunks of Audio Action... OK, Pete is too busy to read the whole book into the mic, but he did get a bunch of tracks laid down early on. They're fun and good to go. Check 'em out... To whet your whistle, here's a free link to a 2.5mb MP3 file of the book's introduction: "Working on the Dream." For $1, here's a 17-minute download of the story, "Route 23," about Pete's first summer living in the sticks, training with his pals, pages 8-14 in the book. Just click on the following button:
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Another 10 Minutes! Here's a $1 link to the stories "The Whole Truth," "Weeding Out The Weenies," and "The Training Weekend (first portion)," pages 15-21 of the book. Just click on the following button:

Make payments with PayPal - Download with PayLoadz

Reviews, Excerpts & Big Cover Images

Click here to see the amazing things readers are saying. 192 pp, B&W photos, paperback, ISBN 1892590565. See excerpts. See big front / back covers.

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