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Visit to Arcadia
August 03, 2010

Arcadia is a quaint little resort town just south of Frankfort. It's a town but it's almost like a camp. The cottages all seem related. And there is a big old religious-type camp-lodge on the beach next door.

The Lutheran church in town was erected in 1829, I think. Something like that. Its bell rings out the hours.

We stayed there to do the Frankfort CSA art fair. "CSA" stands for the old-time Congregational Summer Assembly resort fair. It's a semi-religious community of old cottages in the hills near and along the beach. Neat to tour.

There's a beautiful town beach where everyone gathers for the sunset.

A nice ice cream shop with owners who have musical instruments set up in the back of the room.

The ice cream people also run the dry-marina on Hwy 22 which is home to at least a couple attractively curvaceous sailboats which are likely for sale, cheap.

Nearby, too, is a fancier resort, which is still very low-key, called Watervale, which has public dining with reservation.

The IMBA helped craft a sizeable mtbike trail in the nearby Arcadia Dunes preserve.

Our stay in Arcadia was due to a serendipitous event, and serendipity is related to the coincidences we've been experiencing. A couple months ago we were wondering where we'd stay when we drove the hour south of the Leelenau to do the CSA fair. We wouldn't want to haul the trailer down just for one day. At that moment an email out of the blue came in from an appreciative OYB reader saying that they had a family cottage in Arcadia that we could use this summer sometime if we'd like... And so that worked out better than it could've been scripted. (Thanks so much, Michael!)

Teak deck of the small boat.

Nice small deepwater boat.

A big ferrocement Bristol Cutter sort of boat, for sale.

This car drove up for the sunset. There's a public campground next to the beach, where this car came from. Note the hitch. Looks like a hardworking old rig. A mighty rig, in fact. Jacked up and tough. It sounded good.

Neat little bottle shop.

A fine beach.

Baby bullheads swarming off the shore near the Frankfort Farmer's market.

Picturesque Frankfort Farmer's Market.

We went to the Frankfort Farmer's Market. It's next to a lovely bike path. It's just down the street from the nifty cafe, Trick Dog. It's nearby a nice tavern in Elberta called, uh, I forget. Ya can't miss it. (They make a mean Cuban sandwich, I hear.)

I met the artists Lisa and Paul at the Frankfort CSA art fair. Martha sees them all the time. They rock. They have a mighty rig RV. Our kids played nonstop with their newfound adopted stray puppy, Pinkerton.

Artist Paul in his Mighty Rig RV, renovated by himself. We'll see more of him and Lisa soon... (at the SB fair and apres'...)

Lucy and Vals manning their kids t-shirts booth. They're selling well for $8 after dropping from $10. Very fresh designs. Gotta love the gunslingin' mushroom, "Slim."

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sisu - ann arbor, posted on Aug 25, 2010
Hey JP!

Hope it worked out OK at R-K-Dia after the keybox snafu! We love that laid back little town. Did some super fun paddleboarding in big waves up there in early August. Loved the pics. My youngest is addicted to that bottle shop. . .